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What Causes Misbehavior in Your Apollo Beach Preschooler, and What Can Be Done About It?

Posted on 12-10-2014


By the age of two, your child may be demonstrating some new behaviors that you find unacceptable. This is completely normal at this stage of life, as your child is growing older and becoming more independent while at the same time struggling with many of the same communication issues as a toddler. There may be other reasons for your child’s misbehavior as well, which Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Southshore in Apollo Beach understands, and can help you as a parent understand and help the child overcome.


At home and in school, your preschooler takes in everything around him or her. Your child is constantly learning from words and actions, sights and sounds, and mimicking that which is seen or heard. Hence, one of the reasons why your child could be misbehaving is that he or she is spending time in an environment where there is constant bickering and arguments. Maintain a healthy environment for your child by keeping conflict to a minimum in his or her presence.

Are they tired?

A young preschooler might not have the ability to transfer his or her thoughts or feelings into a spoken sentence. Thus, with actions, they can show you how they are feeling. Fatigue is a major cause of misbehavior in a child. He or she might get cranky at a certain time of day and can be helped with properly monitored sleeping times.

These are two of many reasons for your child to begin misbehaving. It becomes imperative to know why your child acts out in this way, as it will assist you and your child later in life. Contact us now at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Southshore in Apollo Beach, Florida to find out more on how to deal with your misbehaving child, or to enroll your child in our Learning Academy.

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